Drawing Innards Dreamt with Azure

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Innards: (plural noun) the internal workings of a device or machine. 1. the pig's innards: entrails, internal organs, viscera, intestines, bowels, guts; informal insides. 2. the innards of the engine: (inner) workings, mechanism, machinery, components, parts.
The night of January 25, 2021, after drawing a chiaroscuro still life study, I dreamt that I was drifting inside my drawing. I was infinitesimally unmoored between thick smooth geometric slate tiles of mark-making that stretched to the horizons. I floated through a hole to find another level of lines and tones reaching into infinity. Read more…

The above video begins with the first chiaroscuro. The middle part of the video animates my full dream. It concludes with the second chiaroscuro. The sequence is then reversed for disorientation. Looping emphasizes how repetition improves learning by increasing the strength of a single memory trace.

The chiaroscuros are my execution of Project 120 in the book Mendelowitz's Guide To Drawing, 3rd Edition, using digital charcoal. The two dreamscape levels integrate rubbings of tile surfaces taken from a selection of digital photos. Color frames were inspired by the song, Azure, sung by Ella Fitzgerald on her album Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Duke Ellington Songbook:

"Drifting, dreaming
In an azure mood"

Gallery installation explained below:

FLIGHT PATH [11x11"]
(illustrating the path of the video)

LEVEL 1 [13x8"]

LEVEL 2 [11x13"]

LEVEL 3 [11x26"]

LEVEL 4 [13x8"]

Tiles below (with checkmarks) were used for digital charcoal rubbings of the dream levels:
My pedagogy of drawing is a practicum of correct observation. I find the truth of a drawing exists between its shadows and lights.
Allen Gregg Fox Galante

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