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Mendelowitz’s Guide To Drawing (p. 72) explains, “It is possible to develop a rich variety of textures and surfaces smooth or rough, hard or soft, by drawing with white and black on paper of a medium gray value.” My piece, Various Grayscale With Color, illustrates this and is paired with a video called Kona Coffee (above). The video illustrates charcoal rubbing of a stove-carving using a still-photo. It is Hawaiian language text: ka pi’apa carved on a hotel wall in the sunny Kona district of the “big” island.

Rubbing is done with a digital selection from a photograph (in the above video I used a still-frame of the carving). The tool acts as a textured surface similar to chiseled stone.

WInter 2018, I had an extended twelve hour journey from Hawaii to New York with a five-hour time difference and 60
degree temperature drop. After shoveling piles of accumulated snow from the driveway for a few hours, I willed myself to homeostasis by sitting and drawing. I completed a cubist style self portrait called, Jet Lag. Project 56, “A Cubist approach involves juxtaposing segments of the three separate views — top, front or back, and side — into a composite drawing creating the impression of movement around the object in space.“ In this rendition, I was the ricocheted object in space, regrouped and re-established.

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