Still, Life Without You–19
*TOUCH the drawing for both iterations

Still, Life Without You–19 marries two drawings. They portray observations of glass, forms and textures during an unmoored experience of isolation [works titled with suffix "–19" were influenced by the COVID–19 pandemic].

These artworks hang as one two-sided piece to illustrate
floating between two connections. First, with dear friends through their gifts of flowers and fruits. Second, with an open hand seeking in–person contact.

Still, Life asserts, "And still, there is life." Still, Life Without You–19 expresses being adrift in a sea of reflection while reaching up from the abyss.

They represent both the full freedom and the enhanced self–determination to remain intrinsically motivated and focused on an aesthetic life. Read more…

This artwork is a sister to Drawing Innards Dreamt

The above pieces, complete Project 116 of Mendelowitz's Guide To Drawing, 3rd Edition using digital pencil, smudge, and liquefy.


"In the cessation of craving, we touch that dimension of experience that is timeless: the playful, unimpeded contingency of things emerging from conditions only to become conditions for something else. This is emptiness: not a common vacuum but the unborn, undying, and infinitely creative dimension of life. It is known as the “womb of awakening." It is the clearing in the still center of becoming, the track on which a centered person moves. And whispers: “Realize Me.”
Buddhism Without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor
Song: Without You | Original Broadway Cast of Rent

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